Launch was compiled and edited from 9 months of Skype calls recorded from February 2012 through December 2012, while Rob Walling and Derrick Reimer were building email marketing startup Drip. The epilogue was recorded about 2 years later, in November of 2014.

The goal of this documentary is to fight the press-portrayed startup myth by pulling back the curtain on a startup as it’s being built. There is no champagne-popping, no hockey stick growth, and no overnight success.

Only a couple years of hard work and uncertainty, documented  for your listening pleasure.

Rob Walling

Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur, author, and angel investor. He wrote one of the definitive guides to bootstrapping a startup and co-founded MicroConf. Today he focuses on TinySeed, the first startup accelerator designed for bootstrappers.

Derrick Reimer

Derrick Reimer is a full-stack developer from Reedley, CA. His painstaking attention to detail is responsible for the epic usability of Drip. Derrick has moved on to his next adventure, building Level, team communication optimized for deep work.

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